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Yennifer on the Beach

Age of Conan

Yennifer Naked on Tortage Beach

As a True Blood fan, I cannot think a bit of virtual nudity out of bounds. As I invite you to see, Tzuzeku long ago bared all, dancing in the Treasury of the Ancients. So, here, Yennifer with the lovely, trussed up Casilda...whose Whore's Blood will later come in quite handy.

Casilda: Blood of a Whore

Casilda gives Yennifer the eye, after providing requested vial of "Whore's Blood" to substitute surreptitiously for "Virgin's Blood" atop the local volcano. Apparently, the Tortage Volcano God is quite picky and can tell the difference.

Rolling Stone True Blood Cover

No, if these are now the standards, my avatars don't feel out of place naked here at all.