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Intending Lord of the Rings This Evening

Lord of the Rings

Intending Lord of the Rings This Evening


Was intending a bit of LOTRO this evening

Likely have level 10 present for your littlest one. I’d like to say, “If she moves her virtual butt a bit to get there,” well, let’s say, “like, real soon.” It’s on the market stiffly priced now for just this evening — 4 hours — and then there’s a “window” in which I’d be happy to give it away to a good head because I’ve strewn my every characters’ every path with so many veins to probe for gold that I hardly know what to do with myself moment to moment.

But you know “my game” by now, no doubt. I play for maximum activity (24/7) achievable through maximum income commensurate with advancing every character, together, more or less jump by jump, in thoroughly decadent crafted, gifted, and any other form of marketable gear, weapons and accessories.

It’s what always leads me, all things being equal, to new games and new servers…..new puzzles. That’s the child in me. Loved puzzles. Loved models and modeling (add “l” in vain attempt at distance from hardly hidden clothes-horsing).

But I’m a bit older than that now. I’ve other in-world interests to explore. Things for which I’d stop. Or at least move differently.